covid testHere's a new, free practice question to help you get ready to pass the ASWB exam. See how you do.

A social worker tests positive for COVID-19, though she has been vaccinated and has no symptoms. According to the CDC, what should the social worker do FIRST?

A. Notify close contacts about the diagnosis.

B. Contact the local health department about the diagnosis.

C. Self-quarantine at home for 10 days.

D. Mask and maintain social distancing for 10 days.

What's your answer?

This is a COVID question, yes. But more simply, it's a FIRST question. The FIRST is there for a reason. Let's take the answers one by one and see how the FIRST plays its part.

A. Notify close contacts. A good idea and a strong contender for correct answer. But before choosing it, let's look at the other choices…

B. Contact the local health department. This is generally left to medical providers. And isn't a top-level health and safety securer. Since it's not as good an answer as A, seems okay to strike it and move on…

C.  Self-quarantine. Also a strong answer. Looks like there's maybe going to be a showdown. One more to go…

D. Mask and maintain social distancing. This does not adhere to CDC recommendations. Bad answer. Scratch it.

It is a showdown, as anticipated: Notify Close Contacts vs. Quarantine. Both are recommended by the CDC (see " What To Do If You Have COVID-19"). But one of them potentially leaves the social worker out and about, shedding and spreading the virus. You can contact people from anywhere--from work, the mall, etc. The first order of business--FIRST, that is--is to go home and avoid others. Pretty simple, once you think it through. You may have been distracted by the social worker's being vaxxed and having no symptoms. Neither matters when it comes to protocols following a positive test.

Sometimes you don't have to know anything about a topic to get the right answer. You can just apply common sense. That's more-or-less the case here.

Looking for more on the topic? CDC guidance on COVID-19 is here.

Stay safe, happy studying, and good luck with the exam!

August 3, 2021
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