a few steps In case you missed the email from us when you signed up, there's a fast, simple way to save even more on your exam prep than you already do with SWTP's pricing and regular discounts: Post. When you post on social media about your ASWB exam prep using SWTP and link to the site, you get our Ethics Booster test as a free thank you. Actually, skipped a step. You post and let us know--by emailing a screenshot--and we'll add the Ethics Booster to your account.

What's the Ethics Booster? Just what it sounds like. An all-ethics-question mini-exam designed to get you more and more prepared to tackle the hefty serving of ethics questions you're likely to see on the licensing exam. (We also have an all-diagnosis-question DSM Booster--same idea, but with DSM questions.)

The title promised steps, so here they are.

1. Post about SWTP with a link to the site.

2. Let us know that you did. Email a screenshot to info@socialworktestprep.com.

3. There isn't really a step three. Not for you at least--we do that. We add the Ethics Booster to your account.

Then you practice, build your ASWB-exam-taking mental muscles, and go in to take...no, not just take, PASS the exam. Crush it, even. Leave the test center relieved and elated.

And finally, one last email we hope you'll send: a victory photo--you proudly smiling alongside your pass sheet, just like all the pass-sheet selfies on the SWTP homepage and blog. Share your good news!

Thanks in advance. Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

August 16, 2021