aswb exam pass partyThere's no party like an ASWB exam pass party. And you're invited. All you have to do is prepare for and pass the ASWB exam. (Okay, that's not an easy step…but it's just one big step. (And, by the way, we're here to help with loads of practice questions-five complete exams worth plus two booster tests, one all-DSM, one all-ethics-everything you need.).)  Then you send out your invitation. Just a photo of you and your pass sheet. Post it, send it to us, we'll post it…and suddenly you've got lots and lots and lots of people celebrating your triumph.

Everyone likes a success story. Maybe social workers most of all. So people who are preparing to pass the ASWB exam and get licensed are going to be happy for you. Social workers who have already gotten licensed are going to be happy for you. We all know what a big deal it is-how tough the exam prep and the four-hour exam can be. So much content to cover. So many close-call questions.

It's possible that the wider social work community may be happier for you that the people closer to home. We know what it takes to get that degree, to do that work, and, alongside it all, to do all those practice questions to get ready for the real thing. A lot. That's what it takes. A lot.

So, congratulations in advance. Once you leave your exam site, let us know how it went. And when it's good news, also send a pass-sheet selfie along with your note. There's a ASWB exam pass party waiting to happen.

Happy studying and good luck!

August 30, 2021