marguierite passed the ny clinical social work examMarguerite is now an Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York. From the SWTP inbox:

I thought the tests were excellent and want you to know that I passed the exam by 20 points!  I was thrilled. SWTP was a huge confidence builder in preparing for the clinical exam.  I also appreciated SWTP for extending my study period. Thanks so much for the service you provide!

Congratulations, Marguerite! Aced it! Needed 103, got 123. Amazing.

And congratulations to all newly licensed social workers (whether you sent in a picture or not)! Way to go!

Still prepping? Check out all of SWTP's offerings. 900+ exam questions over five full-length practice tests and two booster exams (one all DSM, one all ethics questions). We want to help you pass and we're with you till you do.

Join Marguerite and countless other social workers in using SWTP to get to that magical PASS. All it takes is practice. You can do it.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

February 8, 2021
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