hannah passed the clinical social work exam I just wanted to let you know how much SWTP and tutor Ray Batista helped me. I researched so many prep sites and even tried another tutor. After one session I felt forgotten and alone again and was feeling discouraged about being able to find the right help. I decided at one last attempt to reach out for help and found Ray and SWTP. 

The SWTP materials are the closest to the format and topics for the ASWB exam.  I loved the fact that for every question I missed, there was an explanation along with a resource to learn more about the topic. By the time I sat for the test last week, I was prepared and used to the question format.  I'd  learned how to approach the questions to get to the right answer. I only needed a 103 and received a 112!

Graduate school does not prepare you for the clinical license exam. SWTP helped me to narrow down my study materials so it was not as overwhelming. I've been recommending SWTP and Ray to everyone!

--Hannah, new LCSW

January 28, 2021
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