this year i get licensed 2021What's your plan for 2021? How about making this the year you pass the social work licensing exam?

People have been waiting eagerly for 2020 to make its exit. That has finally happened.

Resolve to get licensed. It's a goal that brings real, tangible rewards. Among them:

Expanded Employment Opportunities: Many social work positions, particularly in government agencies, hospitals, and schools, require candidates to hold a valid social work license. Having a license broadens the range of job opportunities available and may also lead to higher-paying positions.

Professional Mobility: A social work license is often transferable between states or countries, making it easier for social workers to relocate and continue their practice in different regions without significant barriers.

Advocacy Opportunities: Licensed social workers have a stronger voice in advocating for social justice, policy changes, and improvements in the welfare of their clients and communities.

Legitimacy and Credibility: A social work license adds legitimacy to social worker credentials, increasing their credibility and trustworthiness among clients, employers, and colleagues.

Ready to get serious about passing the ASWB exam? We're here for you, day and night, week after week, month after month--and we'll stick with till you pass.

Thousands of social workers have used SWTP to pass the licensing exam. You're next.

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January 4, 2021