social work exam passing 2020While 2020 was chock full of bad times, there was still plenty of good news worth hanging onto and celebrating. For example: lots and lots of social workers passed the ASWB exam in 2020 and got licensed and enjoyed everything that follows that. Raises, promotions, and, most simply, pride and relief.

The picture shows just a handful of those who passed the licensing exam in 2020 using SWTP. Check out the success stories tag on the blog to see more. Many, many others passed without sending in their story. A big wave of good news.

Hope you'll send in your story when the time comes.  An admiring "I want what she's got" is a powerful motivator for others. Seeing people who have successfully walked the path you're setting out on makes each step that much easier.

Here's hoping that your path in 2021 is as smooth as possible. And, as you're prepping for the social work exam, hoping you'll lean on SWTP to help. In five exams and two boosters, we've got 900+ questions, each with thorough rationales and suggested study links, all designed to help you arrive at your exam day with calm and confidence.

Thanks and best wishes for everything you're doing. Congratulations to everyone who has already passed the test. And, for everyone else, good luck!

January 11, 2021