This Year, I Get LicencedYou ready for this? You can get ready and you can pass the ASWB exam. Let us help. We've got lots and lot of practice that will get you ready in lots and lots of ways-with content, with the exam-taking process, and with confidence.

Say to yourself, "This Year I Get Licensed." Maybe post it somewhere. Then make it happen.

When you have a clear intention, it becomes easier to make decisions that align with your goals (in this case, passing the ASWB exam). Intentions act as a guidepost, helping you evaluate choices and select the options that are most likely to support your desired outcome. This clarity simplifies decision-making and reduces decision fatigue.

For example: do I get started with SWTP practice tests now or do I wait...? Once you've decided that now's your time, you know your answer.

Happy studying and good luck!

January 20, 2022