new aswb features - highlight and strikethroughIf you took the ASWB exam in the new year, you may have encountered a couple of new features that you might not have been expecting. In January 2022, the ASWB added both highlighting and strikethrough options to the test interface. What does that mean? It means you can highlight words and phrases within the exam. Or you can digitally cross out whatever you like--most helpfully, answers that you've ruled out.

Different test takers will approach these features different ways. Many are likely to ignore them. Others will mark up every question as they go (potentially wasting valuable time). But most ASWB exam takers are likely to reserve the new highlight and strikethrough features for questions they're not certain about and are marking for review later on (time allowing). The features let you to say to near-future self, "Hey, this highlighted phrase here is essential." Or, "These crossed out answers are not it. Choose between the ones that are left."

Related reminder: Unanswered questions count against you the same way that incorrectly answered questions do. Always select an answer for each of the 170 questions on the ASWB test. You have at least a 25% chance of picking the right answer. That probably goes up to somewhere near 50-50 after you've narrowed down a couple of likely suspects for correct answer--even if you have no idea which of the remaining answers is right. Don't count on there being time remaining to revisit all the questions you weren't sure about the first time through. 

You, the 2022 exam taker, are a pioneer--the first social workers getting to use the new features. Hope you find them useful.

To get a sense of your timing on the exam, take practice tests--lots of them. We've got five complete practice tests for the ASWB exam plus two boosters (one all-ethics, one all-DSM) standing by to help you get ready to get licensed. Do they have the highlighting and strikethrough features? Not yet. Give us a minute. SWTP coders are on the case. The essence of the exam is unchanged: lots and lots of (primarily) vignette questions designed to test your basic social work knowledge, skills, and abilities. To pass takes practice. Get started now by creating an account.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

January 31, 2022