Julie Passed—“Your practice exams were similar to the ASWB exam.”

Happy Independence Day!I am thrilled to let you know that social work test prep helped me to pass the exam on the first try! I mainly focused my study on answering the series of 10 questions, multiple times throughout each day. Your practice exams were similar to the ASWB exam. I ended up passing by 13 points and I do not consider myself to be a great test taker! - Julie

Congratulations, Julie! Crushed it!

Getting ready to take the ASWB exam. Arrive at the testing site knowing your stuff. Try all five SWTP full-length practice exams plus our DSM and ethics boosters to develop understanding and comfort with exam content and process. You can pass this thing! Let us help. Sign up to get started.

Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Jessica Passed the Social Work Exam with SWTP–“I HIGHLY recommend this study program!”

I HIGHLY recommend this study program!From the SWTP inbox:

Thank You Social Work Test Prep!!

I was extremely nervous as I sat getting ready to take the Master's exam! I was originally scheduled for August 2nd, panicked and re- scheduled for November 2nd. My 90 days with you guys had expired, but it was super simple to get an extension!

The material was great, I was able to sit and study and PASSED my exam on my first try!!! I felt pretty good going in! Most of my classmates did NOT pass on their first try, and paid for very expensive study aids. I found SWTP to be fairly priced and they definitely helped!!

I HIGHLY recommend this study program!

Thanks again!


Congratulations, Jessica! And congratulations to all who have recently passed the social work licensing exam. Way to go!

Be like Jessica-save money, prepare smart, and pass the exam with SWTP. Create an account to get started…now!

Stephanie Passed the New York Clinical Exam

stephanie passed the ny clinical examI passed! The practice exams helped prepare me tremendously. Such a proud moment. - Stephanie

Congratulations, Stephanie! That's the proud smile everyone on here is working toward.

Reader, we want you to be next. Sign up now to get started with SWTP practice. There's no preparation like taking realistic, full-length practice tests. All our exams have thorough rationales for each answer of each question, so you learn exam content and best approaches to social work exam questions as you go.

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Happy studying and good luck on the exam!

Jasmine Passed the ASWB Exam in Michigan–“Your program was AMAZING!”

jasmine passed the clinical exam in michiganYour program was AMAZING! I passed my clinical exam with the help of this great program. This was the only program that the questions resembled the actual exam. - Jasmine

Congratulations, Jasmine!

The world needs more and more and more social workers getting licensed. We're very pleased to play a small part in helping make that happen. If you're preparing for the social work exam, we're rooting for you! Create an account to receive our free study guide (no purchase involved). Plus, you'll discover ways to get additional free content. We hope you'll stick around for our full-length social work exam practice tests. They're all balanced according to the ASWB exam outlines and have helped thousands of social workers successfully leap the licensing hurdle. You're next!

More congratulations, Jasmine, and everyone who has recently passed the test. For those still prepping, happy studying and good luck!

(Note: We'd just posted Jasmine's great testimonial when she sent in this picture to accompany it…deserving of it's own post, for sure. Looking forward to getting your pass-sheet picture soon!)

Laura (and Jasmine and Daniel and Janice and Jenni) Passed the Social Work Licensing Exam!

laura passed the social work licensing exam in mississippiI'm so glad I used Social Work Test Prep! Passed on my first try! Money well spent! - Laura (pictured)

Your program was AMAZING! I passed my clinical exam with the help of this great program. This was the only program that the questions resembled the actual exam. - Jasmine

Thanks for the help. I used 4 of the exams and was able to pass on the first attempt. - Daniel

I passed my exam!!! I'm so happy I took your program! - Janice

I wanted to let you know I passed my LCSW! I really appreciate SWTP and the practice exams were a huge help! - Jenni

Congratulations, Laura, Jasmine, Daniel, Janice, and Jenni! Thanks for writing. And to everyone who has recently passed the ASWB exam with SWTP, way to go! Cue the confetti and celebratory music. (I'm dancing as I type this.)

Reader, you're next. Sign up to get started with SWTP's full-length practice tests. You'll be glad you did. Nothing prepares you for the real thing like realistic practice.

More congratulations, all! And congratulations in advance to you, future exam taker (and passer!). Happy studying and good luck!

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